Workout of the week in a plane, somewhere over the atlantic ocean


Workout of the week in a plane, somewhere over the atlantic ocean

I had this “workout” in stock in case of emergencies. I’m in Gili T, a tiny Island in Indonesia and the wifi is just awful, so uploading a video is out of the question so this will have to do this week. Not that it isn’t important, it can be VERY important. But it’s just sort of, well…not very exciting. Anyways, it’s a routine you can do when you are on a long flight to make you feel a little less shitty after the flight.

This routine is great to reduce stiffness and lessen the effect of jet lag by increasing bloodflow to your muscles. Try doing these once every hour or so and you’ll feel much better when you land than you would otherwise. Here you can read more about how to avoid jet-lag.

The routine

  • Heel lifts
  • Toe raises
  • Knee extensions(you’ll be very popular with the person in front of you, do them slowly)
  • Knee flexion
  • Knee raises
  • Tricep extensions
  • Shoulder shrugs
  • Neck rotations

Do each exercise 5-10 times/hour when you’re awake.


  1. That was a fantastic video dude! Lovely. Truly inspiring and surprised to see you making use of each and every minute with your fitness regime.

    • Thanks Serena!
      If there’s any time that’s important to exercise it’s on that plane trip halfway across the world. You’ll just feel soooo much better for the first couple of days.

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